Six Flags Hurricane Harbor


A giant, funnel-shaped thrill ride that plummets up to four riders at a time on a cloverleaf-shaped raft down a 132-foot long tunnel into a refreshing splash pool.

Hurricane Mountain
A four-story high tube slide complex with four winding open and enclosed courses.
Under 42" w/Adult and ride double

Wahoo Racer's
Wahoo Racer Rushing waters carry six riders on mats, riding headfirst, through spiraling tubes.

Bahama Mama and Big Tubba
Four to six people in huge rafts start six stories high and careen down a high banked course filled with soaking splashes.
Under 48

Vortex and Typhoon
These twin bowl slides send riders on tubes down 5 stories. Then rider's are spun around and around as they are flushed down and out of the funnel, where the slide takes them to a pool of water.
Under 42" w/Adult and ride double

Paradise Plunge and Riptide
Paradise Plunge and Riptide These high energy body slides reach speeds of up to 40mph as you twist and turn down the slide.
48" minimum height

Hammerhead and Barracuda
These tube slides have guests blasting down the curving course at high speeds and through waterfalls to a pool waiting 60 feet below.
Under 48" w/Adult and ride double

Dive Bomber
Bombís away as the floor drops out from beneath you and you free-fall 5 stories at speeds up to 40 mph into a looping water slide. Race your friend on twin versions of Dive Bomber!

Mega Wedgie
Count to 3 inside the launching capsule and watch the trap-style door beneath your feet drop, sending you shooting down an 80 deegree, 5 story drop at 40 mph.

Wipeout is a high-intensity water slide that takes groups of 2-4 swirling on a raft through tight turns, 2 funnels and a 35 foot drop.


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