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RCT2 Park -- Meteor Mountain Park

Talk about RCT 2, RCT, No Limits, Hyper Rails, Scream Machines or any other Rollercoaster related game here.
Postby [jonrev] on June 6th, 2009, 3:31 am
Enjoy! It has custom rides and scenery, they should export. If not then please let me know.
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jzjjjmqtzgw

Here's one I've been working on and off for several years and I am finally considering it "finished". This park is based near a mountain formed by meteor strikes. I was really using it for experimenting with building designs and whatnot. It is split into four areas:

Central Midway
The original midway of the park. Home to:
Ameri-Go-Round -- Classic PTC Carousel relocated from Great America
Zoomer! -- Schwarzkopf Flywheel-Launched Shuttle Loop
Dragon Wagon -- Generic Childrens Roller Coaster
Felix the Cat's Great Escape -- Indoor Wild Mouse themed to Felix the Cat
Shoot the Chutes -- Modern-day splash boats themed to the classic Riverview "Chutes"
Spinnaker -- Schwarzkopf Calypso (teacups)

Screamer Alley
Named for the park's signature roller coaster, the Screamer. It has a county fair-ish theme. Home to:
SkyWheel -- Ferris Wheel built over the midway
Screamer -- Arrow "Elevated Mine Train". Nicknamed the "Modern Day Monster", it is very loosely based off Astroworld's Excalibur
Dodgem -- Bumper cars
Whirligig -- Huss Swingaround
Trioka -- Huss Trioka (scrambler)
Eagles Flight Station A -- Skyride to Dixie Square
Star Tower -- Double-decked Observation Tower
Frenzy -- Tilt-A-Whirl
Flying Carousel -- Wave Swinger
Lighthouse -- Spiral Slide

Meteor Village
Mining town at the base of the Meteor Mountain. Home to:
WOLF -- Wooden roller coaster
Sunday Drivers -- Car ride through a forest, mining town, gardens, and a western town
Buccaneer -- Pirate ship
Mine Shaft -- "Double Inversion" ride
Piledriver -- Drop Tower
Meteor River -- Log Flume around and in Meteor Mountain
Meteor Mine Train -- Mine train in, out, and all around the mountain

Dixie Square
A 1960s town square. Home to:
Bearcat -- Wooden roller coaster built as a tribute to auto racing. Name comes from the Stutz Bearcat. Sponsored by PONTIAC
Eagles Flight Station B -- Skyride to Screamer Alley
Dixie Square Theatre -- IMAX Cinema. Architecture is loosely based off Waukegan, IL's Genesee Theatre
Vortex -- B&M Standup loosely based off CGAm's Vortex
Orbit -- Enterprise ride
Vortex 500 -- Gokarts
The Fun Machine -- Scrambler
Piston -- Huss Frisbee

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Postby Demon_07 on June 6th, 2009, 5:15 pm
Very cool park and theme ideas!
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